The New York City Marathon


This 2nd edition of "Villeneuvois in New York"
is dedicated to Gilbert's memory our competitive fellow
who died too early because of his illness.

Conception - developpement : Bernard CEURSTEMONT
English translation : Annie et Guy VANNESTE
September 2001 14th

French version

The front page of our site is temporarily modified on account of the tragic events
of September 11 in NYC.

All the road runners team is overwhelmed by the tragedy the Manhattan inhabitants had to face, we associate with the pain of families affected by the bombing.

As sportmen we think particularly to the NYC road runners who died while as us they were preparing this big international road race event.

Now nobody knows if we will go running or not in NYC. But if the race takes place and if we are allowed to participate, then everybody will bring with him this symbolic message :

Our souffrance, our will to continue to go forward to the end, our victory on ourselves, on the discouragement, we will offer all of this to the people who will welcome us in their town on November the 4th.


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